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VBA Official Rulebook Empty VBA Official Rulebook

Post  PPLife on Thu Feb 11, 2010 5:29 am

1. BALLS/STRIKES - This is the most argued rule in the game. In the VBA, there will be no arguing over bad pitching. Each game, there will be a called ball maximum.
THE CURRENT MAXIMUM IS 19 CALLED BALLS PER 9 INNING GAME or 4 Balls per inning. In order to use the 4 ball per rule inning you must pull up the game stat menu and check the ball count before you start that inning and this must be done every inning that you want to use the 4 ball per inning rule. You can use this rule or not but you cannot call anybody on it if you did not go to the stat menu before the first pitch of that inning.

• If you can cause your opponent to ring up 20 balls in a nine inning game, or 5 balls per inning, YOU WIN! Once the game goes into extra innings the 4 balls per inning rule goes into effect, but you must remember to pull up the stat menu before each inning if you are going to use it.
• When you feel that your opponent has violated the ball count simply pull up the game stat menu. Scroll down to the balls / strikes stat. It will show the number of balls thrown by each opponent. If 20 for the game or 5 for the inning is reached, the gamer must quit and take the loss. Once both players acknowledge the violation, the game must stop. You can not wait until the game is over to claim a forfeit win.

2. On an infield grounder you cannot take two (2) bases. If you do this, you must forfeit the game.

3. Bunting: You cannot bunt with 2 strikes on a batter; neither can you bunt twice in a row. Also, if you have a runner on third you cannot bunt or squeeze the runner home nor can you steal home period. If there is a passed ball you can take home that is an error and is considered fair game.

4a. Relievers can pitch a maximum of 4 innings period. Long Reliever, Middle Reliever, 4 innings is all they get.

4B. YOU MUST USE A 5 MAN ROTATION WITH EQUAL STARTS - You must post your 5 starters on the league website. Starters may NOT come in relief unless relievers are used up in extra innings. Playoffs will be shortened to a 4 man rotation requirement. This is also a realistic MLB scenario.

You must declare your 5 man rotation on the boards and follow it in order.
If you are on game #1,6,11,16,21,26 and so on, your #1 starter is due up.
If you are on game #2,7,12,17,22,27 and so on, your #2 starter is due up.
If you are on game #3,8,13,18,23,28 and so on, your #3 starter is due up.
If you are on game #4,9,14,19,24,29 and so on, your #4 starter is due up.
If you are on game #5,10,15,20,25,30andso on, your #5 starter is due up.

There is no excuse for pitching out of order. If you can't pitch the proper starter for any reason (i.e. stamina), you must select a reliever to pitch. You CAN NOT move to the next starter.

4c. Each team can only possess 5 legitimate starters as defined by the VBA for use without restrictions.

The VBA definition of a starting pitcher is any pitcher that meets BOTH of the following criteria:
• 75 or higher overall rating
• 85 or greater stamina (modification to old alpha system{B+} )

If you possess more than 5 starting pitchers, the 6th+ pitcher(s) will be subjected to the following restrictions on usage:

a. You may use your surplus starters for a total of 1 complete inning per outing, plus the partial inning which he comes in. There must be at least 1 out in the partial inning, or it will be considered a complete inning.
b. If you completely deplete your bullpen in extra innings, you must use the surplus starter for the remainder of the game; NOT one of your 5 assigned starters.

4c. Playoff pitching:
a. You only need to use a 4 man starting rotation. You can use a 5 man by choice, but your designated starting pitchers can not dually serve as relievers in the playoffs, so carefully choose a 4 or 5 man rotation.

b. The restricted rule concerning 75+ rated relief pitchers with 85-stamina or greater also remains in effect until game 7 of the world series. The rule is 1 partial + 1 complete inning for these restricted pitchers. This protects you from facing someone like Roy Oswalt (example) as a reliever for 5+ innings of every single playoff game.

c. Game 7 of World Series is the only game with a relaxed version of pitching rules. You can use any pitcher at any time in game 7 of World Series, EXCEPT FOR THE STARTERS OF GAME 5 & 6.

Violation of a pitching rule will result in a forfeit loss.

5. Throwing to First by an outfielder on an outfield single has been banned.

Network errors - If there is no evidence of a game played, it is a 2ksports caused disconnect. Simply start a new actual league game and play the amount of innings left in the game. Try to create the same scenario of the previous game before the network error. When a winner is determined, the loser must quit game and take loss.

User disconnects - These games and game stats are recorded on the servers up to the point of disconnect and therefore must be handled differently. You must finish the game in an unranked challenge, emulating the disconnected game scenario. If you need to change the win/loss result, report it to an administrator.

• Starters can not pitch past the 7th inning in the redo. This seems unfair if he was pitching a gem before the disconnect, but it is more unfair for him to come back in the redo with 100% stamina to finish out the game.

• Exceptions: If a game is disconnected early with no runs scored, and BOTH parties agree to resetting the game, then we will do it for you.

• You must finish disconnected games immediately or take a forfeit loss.

You must play a minimum 15 GAMES PER WEEK to avoid being replaced by a new gamer.
• 1st violation = warning
• 2nd violation = warning
2nd consecutive violation with no activity, no pre-notice of vacation = dropped from competition
• 3rd offense = dropped from competition

*For your first offense, , you will receive forfeit losses for the number of games you are short of the requirement at deadline. You also become ineligible for the tough man award after your first violation of game completion deadline requirement.
**Upon your third violation (or 2 consecutive weeks with zero activity) of the weekly game requirement you will be suspended (booted, dropped, asked to leave without an option to say no.) from the league.

We always use a flexible schedule so you will be able to play anyone at anytime. Any time someone repetitively ignores your requests to play, without a valid explanation, it is your duty as a league member to report it on the website board named "Game Scheduling Resolution Center". The admin will notify gamer that he has 1 week to complete games with you, or lose remaining games with you by forfeit.

8. It is fair game for players to run on any type of error.

9. COMMUNICATION: We use a simple text message to request a game with a league member. When you see a league member online, simply text 'gm?' and wait for a reply. Keep in mind that if they are in the middle of a game, some members might not return your message until the game is over. However, if a member does not have the courtesy to respond to your request in between his games, report it on the board titled: Game Scheduling Resolution Center immediately. IGNORING MESSAGES IS HEAVILY FROWNED UPON in the VBA.

10. Personal attacks, insults, slurs, or any form of slandering is not allowed in the VBA. We encourage open discussions, debates, and even complaints in our forums, but it is unacceptable to insult a fellow member. There are no exceptions or special circumstances that allow this behavior. 'He started it' is not acceptable criteria to grant you immunity in this situation. If someone violates this rule, the correct procedure is to report it to an admin immediately. DO NOT ENGAGE IN THE SAME BEHAVIOR, or you will also be held responsible for your actions, whether it was provoked or not.

11. A player must be rated 70 or better at a position other than the named primary position. Violation will reslult in forfeit loss.

12a. 3rd Base steal - You can steal 2nd base with unlimited freedom, but can only successfully steal 3rd base a maximum of one time per game. If you attempt a 2nd steal, or a hit & run in which the batter fails to make contact, you have violated.

• Violation of rule results in a forfeit loss. Your opponent must stop the game, advise you of the penalty, and you must quit game and accept loss. Once both players acknowledge the violation, the game must stop. You can not wait until the game is over to claim a forfeit win.

4b. You must commit to steals in every situation, on any base. If you return to a base during an attempt, you must manually remove baserunner and take out any way possible (pickoff, run until out, etc.). If you are unable to correct the situation, you must forfeit the game.

*Advancing on a passed ball (wild pitch) does not count toward your allowed steal, and you do not have to commit runner on a passed ball.

13: End of year standing to be determined by total wins in regular season.

14. Stalling: The 2k10 game model has 5:00 stalling timers. If your timer expires, your opponent reserves the right to accept the forfeit win. Show up ready to compete and respect your fellow member's personal time.
*The language within this rule is subject to change without member vote if future game models have different timers.

15. MERCY FORFEITS ARE ALLOWED after 6 innings, but only if losing by 5 or more runs. However, if your opponent is losing by 10+ runs and wants to quit early, be reasonable. You have earned plenty of stats by this point.
Go to quit, opponent will not agree, then select quit and accept loss. NEVER DISCONNECT out of frustration.....EVER.
• When an opponent is losing by 15 runs, it is mandatory to quit. Anyone that continues to rack up extra stats is subject to win reversal.

The league commissioner shall be an elected position, voted by the league's current active membership.

The commissioner will serve a 1-year term (not one season), and maintain eligibility as a candidate for the following year's election.

Eligibility to become a candidate for VBA commissioner:

A. You must have at least 3 seasons experience as an assistant admin in the VBA leagues.

B. You must have a clean disciplinary record for at least 12 months in the VBA. This includes antagonist or reactive involvement in controversies, scandals, cheating, etc.

Warning: This VBA rulebook is protected by copyright law. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this material, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law.

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