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Texas Ranger vs Indians and Angels

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Texas Ranger vs Indians and Angels Empty Texas Ranger vs Indians and Angels

Post  Paletero187 on Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:53 pm

El Sabroso DJ has been dodgin me in VBA 19...I sent him multiple messages on different days and he won't respond...He has played me in vba 20 but refuses to join the lobby in vba 19....We have only one game left and its a little frustrating knowing that he wont come in the lobby to play. I messaged him when I saw him on the dashboard...I sent him 2 messages and got no response...That is absolutely absurd.

I am in two vba leagues and I have never played booty crusher not once...There have been instances in vba 19 when I was the only one in the lobby, he has come into the lobby, and then immediately left possibly knowing I was the only one in there... I believe I have a 3 game series with him in vba 19...Once again that is completely absurd...

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Texas Ranger vs Indians and Angels Empty Re: Texas Ranger vs Indians and Angels

Post  PPLife on Thu Apr 22, 2010 1:09 pm

This is a perfect example of the need to implement consequences for this avoidance. Both of those competitors are out of the playoffs, so have nothing to lose by avoiding the person pursuing the completion of games.

These members should be penalized in the form of a seed assignment reduction.

Maybe move down 1 seed for each member they refuse to play?

For instance, at the end of season we determine the seed assignments by placings.

If Booty Crusher was the #5 seed, he would move down to #6.
If El Sabroso was #7, he would move down to #8.

If a particular member was avoiding 3 different members at the end of the season, and failed to resolve through the game scheduling resolution process, they would move down 3 seeds.
#5 seed would move down to #8 seed.

In the virtual world of video gaming, it seems that there always has to be some kind of motivation to finish a commitment.

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