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Computer vs Cardinals

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Computer vs Cardinals Empty Computer vs Cardinals

Post  Paletero187 on Fri May 14, 2010 6:08 pm

I know we have a 72 gm deadline come up, and I would hate to receive losses because I am short so I am stating my argument to get looked up under review.
For the most part, I am on everyday in the daytime Pacific time...If I appear on at night and I dont respond(as said in my profile), its my wife that is on, not me...

Now lets get down to the numbers...I am pretty sure that the VBA came up with deadlines to prevent people from not playing their games and to keep the flow of the game at an easy current. This rule or deadline I assume was made with most of the participants in the league... I have 65 games in and many times it is difficult for me to get games in...not because of the participants, but because of the number of users that have been dropped from the league.

Computer Users: Athletics: 3 gms remaining
Nationals: 1 gm remaining
Rangers: 4 gms remaining
Twins: 4 gms remaining

On another note: Pretty much two full seasons in the VBA and I have never faced the Orioles/BootyCrusher once! That is insane lol....Not to mention I have 5 gms against this guy...
WhiteFish is on days at a time...He is definitely a good guy and I never have problems with him, but we just never meet up and it is pretty hard if he is only on days at a time...I only have 3 gms with him...

In Total, I have 20 gms I am unable to play...12 vs the computer and 8 vs two Users...I don't feel I should be given losses based on the amount of gms played given the situation...Now that I have stated my case, I will take my verdict as it comes, lol...

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Computer vs Cardinals Empty Re: Computer vs Cardinals

Post  PPLife on Fri May 14, 2010 8:11 pm

You'll need to verify with Redsman, but I dont think its going to matter. You currently have no inactivity strikes and there will only be two deadlines left, so you cant be dropped for inactivity at this point.

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