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Post  kaifromthebx84 on Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:19 am

Rule # 10 states

10. Personal attacks, insults, slurs, or any form of slandering is not allowed in the VBA. We encourage open discussions, debates, and even complaints in our forums, but it is unacceptable to insult a fellow member. There are no exceptions or special circumstances that allow this behavior. 'He started it' is not acceptable criteria to grant you immunity in this situation. If someone violates this rule, the correct procedure is to report it to an admin immediately. DO NOT ENGAGE IN THE SAME BEHAVIOR, or you will also be held responsible for your actions, whether it was provoked or not.

Cursing me out in the party chat and sending me harassing messages with vulgar images; will not happen again. If it does, you will be removed from the league.

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