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Scarpo Continues to Hound Me!!

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Scarpo Continues to Hound Me!! Empty Scarpo Continues to Hound Me!!

Post  Blacknightt71 on Wed Jun 02, 2010 9:31 pm

Okay so the league has been going fine since it started and ever since the first day i have been receiving messages regarding from Scarpo saying "haha ducking me?" "run baby run" and etc. Personally I'm getting fed up will all the messages he keeps sending me and at the last time i received a message from him saying "I'm ducking him" i was playing a vba21 league game with phillylakers. Its not like I'm not getting my games in i have 41 games played and I'm clearly meeting every deadline so i personally don't see the point on why he must continue harassing me our games will eventually be played its not like all the league games must be played by tomorrow night right? Idk i just wanted to put this out to the league because I'm getting sick of the messages like Redsman said don't hound people to play you, use the game resolution center to sort that out but clearly he doesn't get that and likes to continue to harass me every single day even when not play MLB2K10.

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