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Vote to get rid of cheesy koolaid

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Vote to get rid of cheesy koolaid Empty Vote to get rid of cheesy koolaid

Post  dairyman81 on Sun May 23, 2010 3:56 pm

I dont have a problem with poeple throwing ballsince itsin the rules but when you play a guy straight up for a full game throwing strikes and when you can tie the game he junks you that is worst then anything else.

Not only this kid will do that but he will pull a lot of stunts like "his connection" "the game glitched" so im sick of it and if he dosent go then i will.

I dont even know why he was aloud back in the first place if i knew he was gonna join i woulda save my 20$ for another league.

So whatever you guys decide if the kid isnt voted out ill vote myself out.

So i vote that we kick him out before he gets other poeple mad and if the vote dosent get thru ill be the next VBa veteran to call it quit.


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Vote to get rid of cheesy koolaid Empty Re: Vote to get rid of cheesy koolaid

Post  PPLife on Sun May 23, 2010 5:15 pm

Booting someone for bad game behavior is a process, and in a $$ league, can only be fair & just if the complaints start piling up collectively from many members.

Having said that, there is an entire new group of members that are refusing to take a loss, claiming the game glitched? I am not even sure what they mean by this. I had a personal experience with this already on a game-ending, game-winning double that was supposedly a glitch hit, but I dont want to call the guy out publicly until it becomes a pattern.

If the glitch is referring to using a lag-switch, then we have to look for their patterns, history of similar complaints from multiple members to make a fair accusation on this form of cheating. If someone is using the lag switch, not to worry....we always sniff them out and get rid of them, but the aforementioned criteria must be met or the league rule system and policies wouldnt have much integrity.

As a veteran member, giving yourself an ultimatum to quit if your adversary isn't removed is defeating yourself. The wheels of justice in a formal league system will turn more slowly sometimes, but you must stay strong and stay the course during periods of annoyances and problematic opponents. Don't ever let them run you off!

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Vote to get rid of cheesy koolaid Empty Re: Vote to get rid of cheesy koolaid

Post  redsman944 on Mon May 24, 2010 6:14 am

Thank you PP for your input. I have talked with several players that he has played and while some don't like his ball throwing there is not a major issue with most of his oppenants some have complained. As far as the glitching the game with a lag switch, I am not convinced. I have played him and have had some connection problems but he does not have a winning record, people cheat to win not lose.

I will be inviting him back into the lg. If he violates the rules over time like pp said he will be gone. If I had found more people with real issues with him he would be gone.


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Vote to get rid of cheesy koolaid Empty Bottom Line is He Cheats!!!!!!!!!!!

Post  XxSCARPO on Mon May 24, 2010 6:30 pm



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Vote to get rid of cheesy koolaid Empty Re: Vote to get rid of cheesy koolaid

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